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Sector: Division of Basic Medical Sciences II

Clinic/Laboratory: Department of Anatomy

Knowledge Subject: Anatomy - Macroscopic and Microscopic Anatomy and Neuroanatomy

Research Area: Biology of brain tumors

Department of Anatomy-Histology-Embryology, Building of Preclinical Functions "Giannis Varakis:, School of Medicine, University of Patras, 26504 Patras, 2nd Floor, Room B59

2610969186, 2610969195

Office hours

Monday 10:00-12:00, Thursday 11:00-12:00

Summary of Curriculum Vitae

Martha Assimakopoulou has a Bachelor of Science in Biology (1991) from the School of Natural Sciences, Department of Biology, University of Patras and Dr.philos. (Ph.D.) (1996) from the School of Medicine, University of Patras. She earned a post-graduate research fellowship (EMY) (1992-1996) awarded by the Greek Ministry of Education. She was a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Anatomy/Histology-Embryology, School of Medicine, University of Patras (1996-1998). She has been a Research Fellow at the Center for Neurovirology and Cancer Biology, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA (2000) and collaborated with Professor Ch. Katsetos, MD, PhD, FRCPath, Neuropathologist, MCP Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, USA. Since 1998, firstly, as Lecturer, then as Assistant Professor (2002), and as Associate Professor (2009 until today) teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students Macroscopic and Microscopic Anatomy. In addition, coordinates the course of Neuroanatomy (undergraduate course of Neurosciences) (2011 until today) and provides lessons in class and tutorials for functional Neuroanatomy and laboratory lessons including brain dissections. She has organized and has the accountability of the Research Laboratory, Department of Anatomy/Histology-Embryology. Her research interests focus on the molecular biology of brain tumors and specifically, the study of the signaling pathways involved in brain carcinogenesis and the identification of the molecular profile of different subgroups of brain tumors which may contribute to a more rational histobiological classification and a personalized therapeutic approach (prognostic and predictive factors). Currently, the principal goal of her research is the identification of molecular mechanisms activated under stress and hypoxia in brain tumors as well as the role of AQP4 and TRPVs channels in peritumoral brain edema formation. Furthermore, the signaling pathways implicated in the pathogenesis of ophthalmic pterygium and the role of Enteric Nervous System in inflammatory human bowel have been included in her research. She has supervised 2 PhD dissertations and 16 MSc (School of Medicine, University of Patras) and 8 undergraduate degree thesis (School of Natural Sciences, Department of Biology, University of Patras). She has been member of the 3-member advisory committee in 11 PhD dissertations, member of the 7-member advisory committee in 20 PhD dissertations and member of the 3-member examination committee in 28 MSc. She has translated and edited the First and Second Greek Edition of Mayo Clinic, Medical Neurosciences, Gotsis, 2015 and 2022. She has participated in 5 research grants and she was the principal investigator in a research grant from the University of Patras, Research Committee (1998 – 2001). She has been reviewer of National Funding Proposals and reviewer in Scientific Journals.

Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses

- Basic Medical Sciences Postgraduate Program

- Medical Physics Postgraduate Program

- Biomedical Engineering Postgraduate Program

- Informatics for Life Sciences Postgraduate Program

Selected Publications


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 * Corresponding author