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Postgraduate studies programme "Biomedical Sciences"

School of Medicine, University of Patras

A. Mixalopoylou, Secreteriat of School of Medicine, tel.: 2610-969106, fax: 2610 996103, e-mail:


The Faculty of Medicine offers graduate program in Biomedical Sciences leading to degrees of Master of Science lasting at least two years and Doctor of Philosophy lasting at least three. The areas covered by the Program include: Pathobiochemistry, Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetis, Neurosciences, Pharmakokinetics and Toxicology and  Molecular Biology.
To be admitted as a graduate student, an applicant must have received a Bachelor’ s degree or its equivalent from a accredited Higher education Institution in the fields of Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, or School of Engineering.
There are two conditions that international applicants should furl.
  1. Have their degree approved by DIKATSA.
  2. Have fluency in spoken and written Greek since the lectures are mostly in Greek at the moment.
The program’ s standards for admission are the Academic records , three letters of recommendation, a strong background in basic sciences and are required to appear for an interview