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Healthcare  and Insurance

Entitled to Healthcare 

Medical Insurance is free of charge for all registered students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and covers all emergency medical needs and  hospital care including physical examination and treatment, hospital examination and treatment, medication, laboratory analyses, house calls, maternity care, emergency dental care, orthopaedic aids and physiotherapy. All types of medical care are provided at the University Hospital. The undergraduate students are entitled to healthcare for a time period equal to the minimum duration of the undergraduate studies provided by the corresponding Department, plus two years. The postgraduate students are entitled to healthcare for a period equal to the minimum duration of their studies plus one half of it. When the students complete their studies this time period is extended beyond the termination of the current academic year until December 31 for those who have not graduated until then. Students who have suspended their studies according to law, the time period is extended after the retrieval of their studying status.

Costs cover 

The healthcare services described above are free of charge under certain conditions and restrictions. Hospitalization of the students is provided at the second class facilities and the healthcare services’ cost is estimated based on the standard charges applicable for civil servants. 

Insurance Carrier

Choice If the student is already insured by a different insurance carrier he/she may choose either of the insurance carriers but must submit a relevant affirmation statement to the Secretariat of the Department. The services’ costs will be covered by the chosen carrier. If the chosen carrier does not cover all the healthcare costs, the University covers the rest of the costs. 

Location of Healthcare Services 

Healthcare is provided throughout the Greek territory as follows:

At the city or town where the corresponding University is located. If the students are on an educational excursion or do internships or elaborate on their diploma thesis in a different place, any healthcare needed is provided at that place. If the student needs special healthcare that cannot be provided at the place where the corresponding University is located, a medical opinion form signed by the University’s doctor and an approval from the competent authority is required before the University covers any costs of healthcare provided by a properly qualified healthcare center.

In case of an emergency, at the place where the emergency happened.

In those cases, the student must inform the Healthcare Service of the Students’ Club or the Department within two working days. For the approval of the costs cover the student must submit a public hospital’s doctor’s affirmation as well as an approval form signed by the administration of the Students' club or the competent authority of the Department.

Healthcare Services 

The Healthcare provided to the students includes

  • Medical examination
  • Hospital examination
  • Medication
  • Laboratory analyses
  • House calls. Maternity care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dental care
  • Orthopaedic aids


Students requiring medical care may visit the clinic of the Students’ Club or the doctor of the University’s Health Service or the Affiliated Physician during working days and hours, submitting their Medical Care Book in order to be examined.

Student Identification Card 

Since 24/09/2012 undergraduate and all-levels postgraduate students are provided with their Student Identification Card (Student ID) after an online application. The new Student ID is resistant to mechanical stress and uses protection against forgery. The Student’s ID expires after the minimum duration of the student’s studies provided by the Department. It also provides for a reduction of about 25% in fares and tickets for all means of mass transportation. The Student ID will be delivered at the delivery point chosen by the student at their electronic application, free of charge. The new Student’s ID state the exact validity period. In case the student is not eligible for the provided reduction in fares and tickets, the Students ID serves only as an identity card.

Additionally, the student has the option to state allergies or their wish to become organ donors. These statements on the application form and on the Student ID are only optional. After the printing of the Student card, information about allergies and organ donation statements are deleted from the central information system.

The Departments may use the new Student IDs in order to develop new services and applications for the better service of their students.

The Digital Service for Student Identification Card is provided by the Ministry of Education with the support of the National Research and Technology Network (



Accommodation support by the University aims to meet the basic living needs of the students, in order for them to complete their studies undistracted. Total Support includes accommodation and meals at a low cost. It also provides the means for the development of educational, spiritual, artistic and sports activities.

Accommodation facilities of the University of Patras are provided only for those who study away from their hometown. The rest of the students are only eligible for the University’s Catering Services. Priority is given to students from families of low economic status.

The students that are eligible for accommodation support submit their application every year until June 15. The application form is provided by the Accommodation service at the University Campus.

Information about further documents required is provided with the application.

Applications can be made even after the expiry of the deadline but are accepted only if there are vacancies. 20% of the rooms must remain available for the new entries that have to apply for accommodation support within 20 days since the announcement of the examinations’ result. The names of those eligible for accommodation are announced right after the selection for the new entries and in August for the rest of the students.

The cost of the accommodation support is determined at the beginning of the academic year by the authorities of the National Institute of Youth. In addition to the charges for accommodation and catering services, the students must also pay the cost of guarantee before their settlement in the accommodation facilities.

The accommodation facilities include 870 single rooms distributed among 8 buildings. The accommodation facilities also include a restaurant with a capacity of 3000 students, snack bars, entertainment rooms, indoor natatorium, theater and libraries.

Small number of students as well as foreign scientists that visit University of Patras through educational exchange programs may be hosted in the accommodation facilities at the suburb (Προάστιο) after an application of the invited professor to the service.

Catering Facilities 

Students of low personal or family income are eligible for a free of charge access to the University’s catering services. Catering services are provided from September 1 to June 31 and are not available during Christmas and Easter holidays. Unmarried undergraduate students of the University of Patras with no personal income and permanent residence away from the city of Patras are eligible for free of charge access to the University catering service.  The annual total income levels required for a free of charge access to the catering service is announced by the administration of the Students’ Care. Students are no longer eligible for a free of charge access to the catering services when:

  1. They have completed their studies.
  2. They have passed the maximum time of free access according to law (the minimum time required for the completion of studies plus 2 years).

University Sports Center

Students are given the opportunity to register for the use of the University’s Sports Center located in the University Campus. The registrations are held on the beginning of the academic year. The students may choose one or more of the following course groups:

  • Classic athletics group
  • Team sports group (Volleyball, Basketball, soccer)
  • Sharpshooting group
  • Table tennis group (ping - pong)
  • Chess group
  • Tennis group
  • Swimming group
  • Sky and Climbing groups
  • Excursion group
  • Bicycling group
  • Traditional dance group

All students may participate in the championships that are held occasionally. Sports teams may be composed and take part in the Greek Students’ Championships. University will provide with free of charge athletic material to students that constantly participate at any of the above course groups.

Students' Association

The students’ association of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Patras was founded in January 1978. The association runs by a council of seven representatives who are elected annually. All students of the Faculty are registered members of the Students’ association which runs according to articles of association approved by the court of Patras. Students’ representatives participate in the administrative bodies of the University according to law.

Voluntary Student Organizations

a. HelMSIC - Hellenic Medical Students ’International Committee (Hellenic Medical Students’ International Committee)

HelMSIC - Hellenic Medical Students ’International Committee (Hellenic Medical Students’ International Committee) is an independent non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan association. It consists of 7 local committees, one in each city where Medical school exists. Our actions focus on six thematic, research and clinical student exchanges, public health, medical education, sexual and reproductive health including HIV and AIDS, and human rights and peace.

More information can be found on the organization's website,

b. (EEFIE) Scientific Society of Medical Students of Greece

The Scientific Society of Medical Students of Greece (EEFIE) was founded in 1993 and today consists of 7 Branches, in each Medical Department of the Hellenic University and is staffed with over 3,000 registered members. Its goal is the scientific activation of students Medicine and the voluntary offer of medical, social and educational work. The top organization of the company is the Scientific Conference of Medical Students of Greece (ESFIE), which annually hosts thousands of health science students, providing them with the opportunity to get acquainted and be promoted in the scientific and research field. The Patras Branch organizes a variety of activities annually (educating a total of over 500 students per year), while from 2019 the Patras Branch has, in collaboration with the Urology Clinic, its own

Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation Laboratory. More information can be found at

Scholarships - Awards - Loans


State Scholarships Foundation


Foundation: State Scholarships Foundation (SSF)

Fields of study:  General education, Fine Arts, Social and Natural sciences

Conditions:  Greek graduates of University education. With no sufficient personal income. Until 40 years old.

Countries:  Of Europe. Except U.S.A. and Canada for Natural Sciences.

 Awards and scholarships from SSF are provided to undergraduate and postgraduate students every academic year under the following conditions:

  1. Awards are given in the form of written certificates and money prizes provided once for purchasing scientific literature. Additionally, an award is provided for distinguished graduates who have not exceeded the minimum duration of studies.
  2. Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students according firstly to their personal or family income and secondly to their performance, in absolute order of success in the entrance (in the case of first years) or promotion examinations. Undergraduate students should also score an average of at least 6.51 in a scale of 0-10 in the courses provided by the curriculum of the Department in order to receive a scholarship.
  3. All the details regarding the awards, the number of scholarships to be awarded, the amount of the financial aid, as well as details on the program and other regulations are determined by the authorities of SSF.
  4. The SSF awards scholarships to the distinguished student of each Master’s Program after the end of every year of studies.

Scholarshio Endowments, Organizations and other Carriers

Every year, scholarship endowments are awarded to students for undergraduate studies in Greece and postgraduate studies abroad. Additionally, Greek foundations and institutions, foreign cultural institutions, International organizations, foreign governments also award students with scholarships. Information for the awards of these scholarships is announced in the Faculty during the academic year.

Information about Scholarships and other Students' Issues

Students, who wish to have a direct correspondence with foreign universities on matters of scholarships, should contact the corresponding embassies (in order to get the address and other relative information).

Additionally, they may contact the Documentation and Information Unit of EΛKEΠA, (Capodistriou 28, 2nd floor, office 11, tel.: 36 00 411, hours: 8:00 - 14:00).

Some endowments are under the management of the prefectural government.

Erasmus Exchange Program

Erasmus, as part of the European program for students’ exchanges is managed by the University of Patras. Erasmus supports two types of students’ mobility. Mobility for purposes of studying (Lifelong Learning Program, LLP) mobility for training purposes (Placements).

ERASMUS scholarships are funded by SSF. For more information students may contact the International Relations Department of the University or type (Erasmus Program).

The ERΑSMUS committee of the Faculty of Medicine consists of:

  • Associate Prof. G. Kagadis
  • Associate Prof. G. Panos
  • Prof. D. Drainos
  • Associate Prof. D. Karnabatidis
  • Associate Prof. S.N. Liosis
  • Associate Prof. N. Georgopoulos
  • Associate Prof. P. Davlouros
  • Assistant Prof. I. Gliatis
  • Assistant Prof. S. Kakkos

Memorandum of Academin Collaboration with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


The University of Patras has established a formal education agreement with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to collaborate on research and student faculty exchanges. The two institutions had officially begun the collaboration on April 11, 2008, when representatives from the University of Patras, visited Johns Hopkins to sign the agreement. Head of the representatives was the Deputy Dean Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery in the Faculty of Medicine, D. Dougenis. The official presentation of the cooperation in Greece was held on the 15th of October 2008, when Myron L. Weisfeldt, MD., director of the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, visited the University of Patras and the University's Hospital. The day after, in Athens, the cooperation program was presented to the State's authorities as well as to the whole Greek academic community. "This is a tremendous opportunity for Hopkins to share new ideas with an outstanding institution abroad", said Myron L. Weisfeldt, MD., director of the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, who facilitated and developed the areas of collaboration. "Were expecting a fruitful relationship for Hopkins as well as the University of Patras." he added.

This cooperation is an important success for University of Patras that was based on the outstanding and internationally approved image of the University, the research, clinical and teaching skills of the members of the Faculty of Medicine, as well as the scientific quality of the health services provided by the University Hospital of Patras. Additionally, the cooperation agreement serves as an important opportunity for the scientific staff and the students to contact with a top University like Johns Hopkins. The cooperation program covers Medicine and related fields of study, Biotechnology, Biomechanics, and is expected to gradually expand on other scientific fields taught in University of Patras.

These are the targets of the Cooperation agreement:

  1. To pursue exchange of teaching and research staff, students and administrative staff, as well as knowledge and experience acquired in research
  2. To organize shorts visits of teaching staff and other scientific and research staff, for studies, lectures and research
  3. To promote the exchange of under-graduate medical students, graduate and postgraduate students for short periods, on special agreements to attend courses or training in laboratories of the respective Universities
  4. To initiate joint research programs in areas of mutual interest. The cooperative research effort will be based on Departments and Schools currently functioning in the University of Patras and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  5. To host administrative officials for visits of the respective Institutions in order to evaluate and improve the program/s of this agreement
  6. To work toward cooperation in other areas of interest to both Institutions

The main Scientific and Research Fields included in the cooperation agreement are:

  1. Neurosciences and neuroimaging of the Brain
  2. Clinical Immunology/Allergology
  3. Public Health
  4. Biotechnology-Biomechanics
  5. Cardiology imaging (noninvasive coronary angiography, study of the heart function by CTA 320, MRI)
  6. Biological Indexes and genetic approach of neuropsychiatric diseases

 University of Patras feels proud for the achievement of this cooperation agreement, which is an evidence of the possibilities and the quality of the Greek Public University. Furthermore, this cooperation highlights the international approval of the clinical, laboratory and basic health research of our country as well as the responsible and quality education provided by the Public Medical Schools, especially the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Patras, in both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The Greek Committee of the Hellenic Hopkins Initiative is asking the academic community of the University of Patras to fill the related application form in order to participate in the realization of the this academic collaboration. The applications will be submitted to the protocol of the University.