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Library and Information Service

Library and Information Service (LIS) of the University of Patras is located at the new library building, at the end of Aristotelous street in the campus, at the east side of the Civil Engineer Department’s facilities (tel. 2610 969620-23).

LIS houses a variety of collections of printed and digital literature as well as printed scientific journals for the majority of educational and research needs of the University. Additionally, LIS provides access in a variety of online scientific journals. LIS is an open access library and part of the Joint Venture of the Greek Academic Libraries Heal-Link. All members of the academic society of University of Patras are able to borrow books from LIS. LIS can be used by external users as well. All users must have a valid user card which is issued by the Circulation and Readers Services Department upon submission of an application. LIS also provides copy machines that can be used only for the copy of material that belongs to the library and work using counter systems or magnetic cards. Users of LIS have the possibility to order literature material from different Greek or foreign libraries with the corresponding charge (Trans-lending Services).

Visiting Hours:

  • January - July
    Monday - Friday: 08:30 - 18:00
  • August
    Monday - Friday 08:30 - 18:00
  • September - December
    Monday - Friday: 08:30 - 18:00
LIS services are not available during holydays. Visiting hours are reduced the day before holydays. Every modification on the visiting hours is announced at the LIS or on the LIS website. For further information contact LIS on 2610 969620-23 or visit the LIS website

Library of the School of Medicine 

 The Library of the Faculty of Medicine provides its users with books and journals of clinical medicine and relative fields of study. It is located in the complex of the auditoriums and the library of the Faculty of Medicine (Next to the Preclinical Research Building, ground floor).

The library is provided with internet for the service of mailing (through MEDLINE database). The users may download full text articles from free on-line journals, and give on-line orders for journals’ articles and chapters of books to Greek and foreign libraries. A connection with international data bases of references is also available so that the users may easily request Citations, Instructions, etc.

Visiting Hours 

Monday – Friday, 8.30-19.00.

Any changes regarding the visiting hours will be announced by the library.


The library provides a reading room (150 seats), a copy machine with charge of use and computers.

Users may also borrow books from the library as long as they have the library card.


  • 70 titles of Journals (current printed subscriptions)
  • 285 titles (printed suspended subscriptions)

Digital subscriptions are also available


  • 7.500 Titles
  • 6.080 Copies

Digital material

The library provides 43 CDs for a variety of medical specialties and computers for the use of the digital material. The users cannot borrow CDs from the library


+30 2610 997323, +30 2610 996173 



Maria Maniaki, Evgenia Papandreou