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School of Medicine – External evaluation report 2013 
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Quality Assurance Unit  

QEU is a central University Agency who coordinates collection of evidence who imprint the University’s educational and research work, as it is performed by individual academic units, as well as the elements related to the university’s operation in general (administrative, economic, technical specifications).

QEU convenes under the presidency of university of Patras’ Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs and Personnel, and is composed of five members of Teaching-Research Personnel (TRP) and a common representative of administrative personnel.

Composition of the Quality Ensuring Unit is as follows:


  • KARAMANOS Κ. NIKOLAOS, Professor, Vice-Rector for Academic and International Affairs


  • VERGIDIS DIMITRIOS, Professor, Department of Primary Education
  • BERBERIDES KOSTAS, Professor, Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics
  • PAPAIOANNOU DIONYSIOS, Professor, Department of Chemistry
  • STATHOPOULOS CONSTANTINOS, Professor, Faculty of Medicine
  • KARALIS ATHANASIOS, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education

QAU Secretariat 

LEONTARA VASSILIKI, Acting Director of the Department of Administrative Support for Educational Programmes 

  • Tel. 2610 – 996649 

PAPADATOU FIEROULA, Directorate of Education and Research Affairs

  • Tel.2610-969047 

The jurisdiction of University of Patras Quality Ensuring Unit is defined in articles ν. 3374/05 and are still in effect according to articles 80 (παρ. 12, γ) of ν. 4009/11 (195 Α’) and include:

  1. Evaluating University of Patras as a whole, by acting as an Internal Evaluation Team (IET) for the Institution. It caters for and constitutes the biannual Internal Report of the Institution’s operation, which takes into account the corresponding Annual Internal reports of its Departments.
  2. Responsibility for the constitution of the Internal Evaluation Report of the University of Patras, every four years.
  3. Catering for the coordination, support and materialization of evaluation processes of the Academic Units and the Institution’s Services, based on the quality of educational work, quality of research work, quality of studies’ programs, as well as the quality of the rest of provided services (administrative services, student care, infrastructure etc.).
  4. Overviewing and catering for timely constitution and submission of the Annual Internal Reports of the University’s Departments.
  5. Catering for the activation and support of the Internal Evaluation Process of the Institution’s Academic Units, forwarding them to HQAA and contributing to organizing, by providing any offered means towards smooth conduct of on-site visits of external judges.
  6. Receiving the Internal Evaluation Reports and forwarding them to the corresponding Academic Unit.
  7. Catering for organization, operation, and overview of quality ensuring processes and evaluations of the Institution, the Academic Units and its services, within the context of indications and instructions of the HQAA.

Internal Evaluation Committee

Every University of Patras’ Department composes, with decision of the General Assembly, an Internal Evaluation Committee (IEC), which is responsible for the conduction of the Department’s Evaluation and caters for gathering all the evidence necessary for composition and submission of the Annual Internal Report and the department’s Internal Evaluation Report, to the University of Patras’ QEU. The Department of Medicine’s IET is comprised of seven members and is defined in regular intervals after suggestion of the Department’s President and Department of Medicine’s General Assembly’s approval. In the end of every Academic year, the Annual Internal Report is composed, which constitutes the description and imprint of the whole work performed by the Department and institutes the first and regularly repeated process, from which the necessary evidence and information are gathered, based on which the Department’s Internal Evaluation Report (IER) is  composed every four years. The IER is based on the quality analysis and comparative evaluation of all the four-year-markers, based on which the Department’s Internal Evaluation is performed. More specifically, in the Department of Medicine, in every Academic Semester, the students are required to evaluate the Theoretic lessons as well as Laboratory and Clinical lessons. The evidence is gathered under responsibility of the Department’s IET and is submitted for process to the Administration of Education and Research. The Evaluation’s results are uploaded on the site of Informatics System for Quality Ensuring (

Members of Internal Evaluation Committee 2020-21

  1. P. Megas, Kathigitis, President of the Department
  2. K. Stathopoulos, Professor
  3. St. Taraviras, Professor
  4. D. Papaxristou, Professor
  5. V. Zolwta, Professor
  6. G. Skroumpis, Ass. Professor
  7. D. Daoysis, Ass.Professor

Student Representatives
Giralea Xristina (Regular Member)
Antwnini Kwnstantina (Αlternate member)
 Professor K. Stathopoulos is appointed Coordinator of the Committee.