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The Eudoxous Platform

All students of higher education Institutes of Greece can choose among the literature provided through the online service EUDOXUS ( The Secretariat provides all the necessary information for the available literature at the beginning of the academic year. Students can visit the website, in order to submit their selection, for the courses of the Fall Semester of the current academic year. Submission of the online application forms by the students requires certified username and password provided by the central online services of the University. This account is obtained by each student during registration in the corresponding Department. This account is used by the student in order to gain access to University Services such as email, e-class, vpn, EUDOXUS etc. Students who have lost their passwords should contact the Networks Department (LIS facilities, 2nd floor tel. 2610-969.650, 2610-969.651, 2610-969.654) to obtain a new one.

For further information students may contact EUDOXUS Users Assistant Office ( or 801-11-13600).