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Advanced Light Microscopy

Responsible Faculty: Stavros Taraviras, Professor,, Zoi Lygerou, Professor, 

Equipment: Leica TCS SP5 Confocal Microscope equipped for live-cell imaging

Supported Methodologies:  Confocal Microscopy, Epifluorescence Microscopy, 3D reconstruction, Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP), Fluorescence Loss in Photobleaching (FLIP), Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)

Applications: Co-localization of multiple fluorophores within cells and tissues, functional imaging, protein interactions in living cells, stem cell analysis, cell-based assays for drug validation 

Microarray Analysis 

Responsible Faculty:  Cosntantinos Stathopoulos, Professor, 

Εquipment:  Microarray Scanner ScanArray Express (Perkin Elmer) , Hybridiser HybArray12 (Perkin Elmer), Bioanalyser 2100 (Agilent) 

Supported Methodologies:  Microarray Analysis, Microanalysis

Applications: High-throughput gene expression analysis, Genotyping, SNP Analysis

RealTime PCR 

Responsible Faculty: A. Papachatzopoulou, Assist Professor, 

Equipment:  LightCycler 2.0 (Roche)  

Supported Methodologies: Quantitative PCR

Applications: Gene expression analysis, Genotyping, pathogen identification


Responsible Faculty:  D. Drainas, Professor,   

Equipment:  Fuji FLA3000
Supported Methodologies:  Imaging, quantification and analysis of fluorescence, chemiluminiscence, chemifluorescence, radio-isotopes ( 32P, 35S, 14C, 3H, 125I) 

Applications: Quantification of nucleic acids and proteins



Responsible Faculty:  Dimitrios Kalpaxis, Professor,  

Equipment:  Beckmann Ultracentrifuge
Supported Methodologies:  Ultracentrifugation of biological specimens 

Applications: Subcellular fractionation, separation and preparation of cells and organelles, preparation of cellular extracts, purification of viral particles, purification of nucleic acids etc