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First Year Registration


The names of the first year students accepted by the Faculty of Medicine are announced in public by the Faculty. The registration time and deadline for the students that were accepted in the Faculty is determined by the Ministry of Education.

Registration applications for entrance within the 3% as well as entrance within the special category of people suffering from Severe Medical Conditions (blind, deaf, people suffering from Thalassaemia etc. ), must also be submitted until the same deadline.

Registration Documents 

The new entrances or a legally authorized representative must submit the following documents to the Secretariat of the Faculty:

  1. Application form
  2. Dismissal Title: High School Diploma or Certificate from the High School he graduated or a legally certified copy of these. If the student submits the original Certificate, he or she may withdraw it when an authorized copy is submitted.
  3. Transcript of Records.
  4. A copy of the candidate’s ID (Identity Card) or a Birth Certificate where the male registry is indicated.
  5. A Removal Confirmation Form if the candidate was already registered in a different institution during the past academic year.
  6. An Affirmation Statement in which the candidate states that he/she is not registered in a different institution of Greek Higher Education.
  7. A document signed from the revenue department which indicates the candidate’s personal or family income (this is required for the students’ Accommodation and Catering Services), if the candidate has the right and wishes to have his/her meals at the Catering Facilities of the University.
  8. Six (6) photographs at the size of those used for Identity Cards.

Particularly, candidates within the special category of those suffering from severe medical conditions must also submit:

A Certificate from a qualified Primary Health Committee that certifies their condition after a free of charge examination by a qualified doctor who is also a member of the teaching staff of any Higher Education Institution.


Transfers from other Schools 



All kinds of students’ transfers from one institution to another have been abolished since the academic year 2011-2012. 

 Special Registrations

The Faculty of Medicine of the School of Health sciences announces the percentage rates for the entrance of graduates of the higher education institutes to the Faculty of Medicine through specialized examinations for the academic year 2013-2014:  

  • 3% of the total entrance number for the graduates of Dentistry of University Education (semester of entrance Ε’).
  • 4% of the total entrance number for the graduates of the rest Schools or Departments of Greek and foreign Universities, the graduates of productive schools of officers of the Armed Forces and Security Forces (semester of entrance Β’ and semester of entrance D’ for graduates of schools of nursing and Pharmacy) and the graduates of Higher Schools with two-year course of Technical and Vocational Education: a) Medical Laboratories b) Radiology and c) Supervisors of Public Health (semester of entrance Α’).
  • 5% of the total entrance number for the graduates of Technological Educational Institutions (semester of entrance Β’).
  • 2% of the total entrance number for the graduates of the following Higher Schools (semester of entrance Β’):  
    1. Officers Nurses
    2. Higher School of Nurses of the Ministry of Health
    3. Higher School of Nurses of the General State Hospital of Athens
    4. Higher School of Nurses
    5. Medical Laboratories
    6. Higher School of Nurses (RED CROSS).
    7. Higher School of Physiotherapy of the General People’s Hospital of Athens
    8. School of Midwifes of the Maternity Home «ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΑ»
    9. School of Midwifes «ΒΙΡΓΙΝΙΑ ΣΚΥΛΙΤΣΗ» of the Maternity Home «ΜΑΡΙΚΑ ΗΛΙΑΔΗ»
    10. School of Midwifes of the General Hospital «ΑΓΙΑ ΣΟΦΙΑ» of Thessaloniki
    11. State School of Nurses of Thessaloniki
    12. School of Nurses of the sanatorium «ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΣΜΟΣ»
    13. School of Nurses of Children’s Hospital «ΑΓΙΑ ΣΟΦΙΑ»
    14. School of Nurses of Children’s Hospital «ΑΓΛΑΪΑ ΚΥΡΙΑΚΟΥ»
    15. School of Nurses «Η ΠΑΜΜΑΚΑΡΙΣΤΟΣ»
    16. School of Nurses of the General People’s Hospital of Athens
    17. School of Nurses «Η ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΣ» of the Greek Church’s Hospital

The registration of the graduates of Dentistry in the Faculty will be determined after examination in the courses of Biology Ι, Biochemistry Ι and Biochemistry ΙΙ. The entrance of the rest categories of graduates Β, C and D, will be determined after examination in the courses of Biology Ι, Anatomy Ι and Biochemistry Ι. The examination material is the one taught to the students of the Faculty of Medicine of Patras. This examination material is determined by the Laboratories of Biology (Biology I), Biological Chemistry (Biochemistry Ι and ΙΙ) and Anatomy (Anatomy Ι). The candidates will have to apply to the Faculty’s Secretariat for the context of the examination material.

The success ranking is defined by the total score of the examined courses. Only the candidates that have collected a total score of at least thirty (30) units, provided that they have scored at least ten (10) units in each of the three courses are announced in the success rank. The candidates enter the Faculty sorted in a descending order of total score, until they reach the provided percentage.

All the documents required will be submitted to the Secretariat of the Faculty from 1 to 15 of November 2013, in person or by legally authorized representatives.

These documents include:

  1. Application form
  2. Certified Copy of the diploma or a certificate that states they have completed their studies. If the diploma degree is not indicated numerically, the candidate will have to submit a transcript of records.
  3. If the candidate has graduated from a foreign University, an equivalent certificate from the National Academic Recognition Information Center must also be submitted.
  4. Copy of their Identity Card (ID)

The examinations are conducted during the first 20 days of December 2013, while the schedule will be announced by the General Assembly of the Faculty’s at least eight (8) days before the first examination.