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Clinical Biochemistry

Semester 5th ()

Hours Teaching and Tutorial 2 hours (per week)



The aim of this course is to introduce to the students the principles of modern analytical methods of clinical biochemistry that help explain metabolic disorders of human organism.

Reading Material

  • ​Introduction to the principles of laboratory analysis.
  • Design, development and security of a clinical chemistry laboratory.  Selection and development of an analytical method.
  • Principles of analytical methods: spectrophotometry, electrochemistry, electrophoresis, clinical enzymology, immunochemistry, mass spectrometry and microarrays. Enzymatic methods of endpoint and kinetic. Coupled reactions and automatic analyzers.
  • Evaluation of laboratory results - Quality control and reference values. Quality control programs.
  • Disorders of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleotides and haemoprotein (porphyrins) metabolism.
  • Acid-base homeostasis, homeostasis of water, buffers for the blood and their disorders. Electrolytes, determination and their disorders.
  • Laboratory tests for renal, hepatic, cardiac and gastrointestinal function.