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Semester 7th ()

Code MED_722

Hours Teaching 0 hours, Laboratory 0 hours, Tutorial 0 hours , Clinical Training 35 hours (per week)



Ι. General part

  1. ObjectofPsychiatry: GeneralConsideration

  2. Mental Functions and Disturbances

  3. Psychiatric examination and patient’s psychiatric history

  4. Psychiatric diagnosis and modern taxonomic and diagnostic systems

  5. Developmental stages and psychological defense mechanisms

  6. Psychiatry and biological sciences

  7. Psychiatry, Psychology, Sociology and other Humanities7.

ΙΙ. Psychiatric Nursing

  1. Organic psychiatric disorders

  2. Substanceusedisorders

  3. Schizophreniaandotherpsychoticdisorders

  4. Depression, dysthymia, bipolardisorder, cyclothymia

  5. Anxiety disorders

  6. Obsessive compulsive disorder

  7. Stress-related and other related disorders

  8. Mental disorders in somatic diseases and somatic-related disorders

  9. Food intake disorders

  10. Sleep disorders

  11. Sexualdysfunctionsandpsychosexualdisorders

  12. Personalityandimpulse-controldisorders

  13. Generalpsychopathologyofchildhood (mentalhealthlimits, anxiety, emotional, psychoticandotherdisorders)

  14. Developmental disorders of childhood and mental retardation

  15. Psychiatric disorders of adolescence

ΙΙΙ. Psychiatric Therapeutics

  1. Biological therapies

  2. Psychotherapy

  3. Psychosocial interventions

ΙV. Special Issues

  1. Emergency Psychiatry

  2. Liaison-CounselingPsychiatry

  3. Psychogeriatrics

  4. Intercultural Psychiatry

  5. Social Psychiatry and Epidemiology of Mental Disorders

  6. Public health and psychiatry, a system of mental health services (Psychiatry in primary health care, secondary and tertiary mental health care, psychiatric prevention)

  7. Forensic psychiatry

  8. Violence and self-destructive behavior

  9. Psychological tests, imaging methods and laboratory tests in Psychiatry

  10. Research Documentation in Psychiatry


The course provides knowledge and understanding of psychiatric principles considering common and mild psychiatric disorders, which are mainly addressed in primary health care, but also, the rarest and more serious mental disorders, which need hospitalization in psychiatric clinics. More specifically, the aim is the student to be familiarized with the diagnosis, pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy of neurocognitive disorders, disorders that are associated with the use of psychoactive substances, schizophrenia and related disorders, emotional disorders, anxiety and related disorders, psychosomatic disorders, personality and behavior disorders, syndromes associated with disorders of normal functions, as well as complications of mental disorders. The course is emphasized in the use of knowledge and understanding of the above issues in addressing common mental disorders at the primary level, as well as the acquisition of the necessary clinical skills and attitudes for the effective approach of patients with mental illness and their relatives/caregivers, as well as overcoming of the stigma of mental illness. Development of skills in order to acquire the necessary knowledge for further studies with a high degree of autonomy.

Reading Material

1. TITLE: “Modern Psychiatry”, AUTHORS: G. Papadimitriou, J. Liappas, L. Lykouras ISBN : 978-9604-521-623 EDITION: 2012 CODE ΕΥΔΟΞΟΥ: 22771928 PUBLISHER: ΒIΤΑ MEDICAL PUBLICATIONS Μ.Ε.P.Ε.

2. TITLE: “Textbook of Psychiatry”, AUTHORS: Κ. Soldatos, L. Lykouras, ISBN : 978-9604-520-084 EDITION: 2006 CODE ΕΥΔΟΞΟΥ: 12950003 PUBLISHER: ΒIΤΑ MEDICAL PUBLICATIONS M.E.P.E

-recommended scientific journals:

General hospital psychiatry

Schizophrenia bulletin

American journal of psychiatry

Affective disorders

Alzheimer’s and dementia

Psychosomatic medicine