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Relevant Law Ν. 641/18-7-77 FEK ΦΕΚ 200/22-7-77

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Research Activity

Biochemistry or Biological Chemistry is an interdisciplinary field combining Chemistry and Biology. It is the study of chemical processes within living organisms, as well as the substances included in the so-called “living matter”. The biochemistry laws govern all living organisms and life procedures, even after the death of an organism. By controlling the flow of genetic information encoded in the genes, the regulation of gene expression through particular biochemical processes (signal transduction) and management of the chemical energy flow through metabolism, biochemical processes highlight the operations and the complexity of the so-called phenomenon of life. Major part of biochemistry includes the study of the formulation, the structure, the functions and the reactions between the cellular and subcellular components such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and other biomolecules, as well as their equilibrium. Variations in the procedures as well as the concentrations of the molecules included, lead to significant temporary or permanent pathogenesis which are the subject of Pathobiochemistry, namely biochemistry of pathology.