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Sector: Division of Internal Medicine Ι

Clinic/Laboratory: Department of Internal Medicine

Knowledge Subject: Internal Medicine

Research Area: Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Sepsis, HIV

School of Medicine, University of Patras +30 2613 603583, 2610 997254, 2613603699


Summary of Curriculum Vitae

Karolina Akinosoglou was born in Patras. She studied Medicine at University of Patras, from where she graduated in 2006. She completed her PhD on the field of molecular and cellular immunobiology of malaria parasite at Imperial College London in 2011, while in parallel she gained significant clinical expertise in tropical diseases at Lister Unit of infectious diseases and tropical medicine, at Northwick Park Hospital in London (2006-2010). At the same time, she was trained in modern teaching methods and current trends including PBL (Problem Based Learning), which she successfully implemented for two consecutive years on 1st and 2nd year medical students at London Imperial College receiving most positive feedback. Moreover, she was also involved in the supervision of final year under-graduate student assays and post-graduate student master thesis at division of Biology at the same institution (2007-2010). She completed specialization in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, at University Hospital of Patras, in Greece (2017). She presents extensive teaching experience in both under and post graduate level, including academic lead of series of lectures and supervision of master and PhD theses. Her research interests mostly focus in the field of infectious diseases, and specifically during the last years in sepsis and systematic inflammatory response, COVID-19 and HIV, work upon which has been presented in international conferences  and multiply awarded by international scientific societies, while being published in several peer-reviewed journals (>4200 citations, h index:26, i10 index:39).  She has been a reviewer in high impact journals in infectious diseases and member of organizing and steering committee, as well as, invited speaker in several local and national scientific meetings in internal medicine and infectious diseases. She is a member of several national and international scientific societies (IDSA, ASM, ESCMID, GMC, EEMAA, EEL etc.) and has been a member of the board and vice president of Medical Society of Western Greece and Peloponnese.  She engages in clinical work in department of internal medicine and division of infectious diseases at University Hospital of Patras, attending both in and out-patients, leading ward rounds and consultations, including COVID-19 clinic during 2020-2022. She is at the moment working as an Associate Professor in Internal Medicine, at University of Patras and serving as Internist-Infectiologist at University Genera Hospital of Patras

Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses

  • Post Graduate Course "Public Health" University of Patras (2015-today) - Academic Lead Series of Lectures in "Methodology of Research", "Tropical Medicine", "Designing a Research Protocol"
  • Post Graduate Course "Precision Medicine" University of Patras (2022-today) - Academic Lead Series of Lectures in "Clinical Applications",
  • Post Graduate Course "Health Education" University of Patras (2023-today) - Academic Lead Series of Lectures in "Methodology of Research", "Writting Skills"
  • Post Graduate Course "Infectious Diseases" National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2019-today) 
  • Post Graduate Course "Respiratory Failure" National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2022-today) 
  • Post Graduate Course "Epidemiology" Hellenic Open University (2022-today) - Academic Lead Series of Lectures in "Clinical Epidemiology",

Selected Publications


Selected Presentations

● «Navigating the journey for patients with COVID-19» Joint European of Internal Medicine and the International Congress of Internal Meicine  15-18/03/2023 Athens ● «Colistin: Is it still an option? » 1st Conference on BloodStream Infections, European Shock Society, ESCMID & Italian Society for Microbiology, Italy 14-16/06/2020 ● Platelets and anti-platelets in sepsis’ XVIII congress of the European Shock Society and IXth congress of the International Federation of Shock Societies, Chania 08-12/10/2019●“Viral Loads and CD4 counts are not important for initiating antiretroviral therapy”, CD4 count and Baseline HV-RNA, HIV Deep Dive, Gilead Sponsored Webinar July 2021 ●Biomarkers in Sepsis Biennally Symposium in Critically ill Patients, Salonica 07-10/04/2022 Thessaloniki

● Invited Speaker in > 150 Greek Panhellenic or Local Conferences /Meetings in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases and Industry Sponsored events in the same context

PhD Theses Advisor

  • Dr S.Theodoraki «Platelet Reactivity along different stages of sepsis»  1917/10427/29-03-2018 University of Patras - completed 
  • Dr Μ.Kolosaka «Platelet Reactivity in PLWHIV» 1916/10425/29-03-2018 Medical School University of Patras
  • Dr C.P.Koutsouri «Studying Patterns, Predictors and Costs associated with successful outcomes following empiric antibiotic therapy" 3036/20034/27-06-2019 Medical School University of Patras
  • Ms Α.Skintzi «Immunogic Response, outcomes and cost in bacteremias due to antibiotic sensitive vs antibiotic resistant pathogens" 3038/20045/27-06-2019Medical School University of Patras
  • Dr Nikolina Antonopoulou "HEV prevelance in PLWHIV in Greece and associated PROs» 1539/11042/31.3.2020 Medical School University of Patras
  • Dr V.Dimakopoulou  'Immunologic Profiling in pts with COVID-19' 10.11.2020 Medical School University of Patras
  • Dr G.Schinas «PRL dysregulation in COVID-19 pts receiving JAK1/2 inhibitors»  837/18.07.2022 Medical School University of Patrasν
  • Dr GI Hampaios  'Lipidomic profiling and associated immune response in pts with COVID-19"834/20.06.2022  Medical School University of Patras

Other Activities

2003-2005 State Scholarship Foundation, Fellowship for Excellent Academic Performance
2003- 2005 Onassis Foundation, Science Lecture Series in Biology Fellowship (FORTH)
2007-2010 Leventis Foundation, Scholarship for Post Graduate Studies
2015 International Society of Chemotherapy - Young Investigator Travel Award
2016, 2017 ESCMID attendance grants for courses and poster presentations
2017 EACS scholarship for HIV Summer School 2017 attendance
2017,2022 1st prize “Sotiris Papastamatis” (23rd & 23rd Panhell. Conference in Internal Medicine)
2018,2020 EACS Young Investigator Scholarship Conferences Brussels 2018/2020
2018 Infectious Diseases Fellow Program, ASM Microbe 2018
2018,2021 ISHEID Marseille attendance - travel grant
2020 International AIDS Scholarship Award, 23rd International AIDS Conference

2013-2015 Hellenic Institute for Sepsis (PRESS study)
2016-2018 Gilead Research Grant: Asklepios  (PRE-PART study)
2020-2022 Gilead Research Grant: Asklepios  “THE SHIP study)
2020-2022 Gilead Research Grant: Asklepios  “Tregs in patients with HIV”
2019-2021 University of Patras Research Grant: Karatheodoris 30.000€ (PREP-ART)

Sub-investigator in 17 multicentre clinical trials including NCT01231516, NCT01644643, NCT02202135, NCT02111564, NCT02725866, COMBACTE-CARE; EURECA, EudraCT 2014-001276-56:AIDA/HSSG, NCT02573571, NCT03332225, NCT02133131, NCT0371735, NCT03595553, NCT03717350, EudraCT 2020-001039-29, EudraCT 2020-001466-11 Principal Investigator in Investigator-initiated projects and multicentre studies: NCT04315948, NCT04680949, NCT02562261, NCT04805671, NCT05036824, NCT04725123 , NCT04889040, NCT05279352. PRE-PART, NCT04724044, THE SHIP study, : CarDINe study & Epidemiological Studies  - Consulting Physician in INTERREG, COOFCHEA 2* GCP latest completion: ICH GCP (E6) July 2022

Κ.Akinosoglou Urinary Tract Infections in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach in Primary Care EOF, ISBN 978-618-83768-0-9●Akinosoglou K & Gogos CA Urogenital Infections, In Management of Infections in Primary Care Units, by National Organization for Medicines 2014, p27-43, Athens ● Akinosoglou K Evidence Based Medicine, In Quality in Health Services Athens; Parisianou Publications 2006 ISBN: 978-960-394-442-3 ● Akinosoglou K & Gogos C “on Call”, Pocket Book for young doctors and residents ISBN: 978-960-9427-71-5 ● K.Akinosoglou & Gogos C: CMV, EBV, HSV, HIV & Liver Disease, in Clinical Hepatology Athens 2019 ISBN 9786188458109 ● K.Akinosoglou & Gogos C: Infection and Sepsis : Clostridium difficile Athens 2020 ISBΝ 978-618-85497-0-8

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BMC Infectious Diseases; Canadian Medical Association Journal; Critical Care; Clinical Infectious Diseases; Plos One; Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance; Scientific Reports; Blood; Viruses; Cytokine; HIV medicine; Microorganisms; International Journal of Infectious Diseases; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Viruses; European Journal of Clinical Microbiology; Journal of Medical Virology

Viruses; Microorganisms; 

IDSA; ESCMID; ASM; GMC; Hellenic Society of Infectious Diseases; Hellenic Society for the Study and Management of AIDS; Hellenic Institute for the Study of Sepsis; Scientific Society of Western Greece; Hellenic Institute of Infections in Diabetic Patients; ESCMID Study Group on bacteremia, endocarditis and sepsis; EACS; IAS

Member of Steering Committees of
1) Quality Assessment and Validation of University of Patras Medical School Undergraduate Curriculum (200/3548/5-2-18)   2) Foundation of Postgraduate Interdepartmental Course in Personalized Medicine, Dept of Medicine and Pharmacology, (69/20.12.2017 University of Patras) 3) National Planning of HIV Management: Co-ordinating working group on self-testing  4) Laboratory of Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases 18/9188/12.3.2020, University of Patras  5) Elected Scientific Board Member, University Hospital of Patras 2020-2022  6) Appointed Member of Hospital Acquired Infection Committee 2021-2023 7) Ethics Research Committee 2021-2023, University of Patras 8) Appointed Member of COVID-19 committee University Hospital of Patras
9) Appointed Member for infection consultation on COVID-19 for 6th Health Region 10) Appointed consultant of Hellenic Agency for Quality Assurance in Health Society for Safety Issues 2021-today 11) Steering Committee of PostGraduate Courses of "Public Health"and "Precision Medicine" 2022-today 12) Steering Committee of undergraduate curriculum, Medical School, University of Patras (2023-2024)

Member Of Organising – Scientific Committees Of Several Panhellenic And Local Meetings In Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases And HIV