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Summary of Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: 20/5/1962 Place of birth: Anavriti, Greece EDUCATION 1980:High School Diploma, grade “Very good” 1986:Graduated from the Medical School of the University of Patras, grade “very good” Languages:Greek (native language), English POSTGRADUATE TRAINING 7/8/1987 - 18/1/1989:Obligatory Social Service, General Hospital, Messologi, Greece 1989-1994:Training in Internal Medicine and Gastrenterology in University Hospital of Patras, Greece. 16/1/1998 :Doktorate Thesis from the University of Patras, Greece : ‘’Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding and the role of endoscopic hemostasis” 1/5/2007 – 31/7/2007 : Endoscopy Center for Digestive and Liver Disorders, The Royal infirmary of Edinburgh. FACULTY POSITIONS 22/8/1997 – 25/11/2003:Consaltant in the Department of Gastrenterology Patras University Medical School, Patras, Greece 26/11/2003 -20/10/2008 : Lecturer in Gastroenterology, University Medical School, Patras, Greece 20/10/2008 - 20/5/2013 Assistant professor in Gastroenterology, University Medical School, Patras, Greece 20/5/2013 – present : Associate professor in Gastroenterology, University Medical School, Patras, Greece

Undergraduate Courses

Selected Publications

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