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Immunohaematology (Clinical Training)

Semester 11th & 12th ()

Hours Practical Training 25 hours per week (for 2 weeks)


Reading Material

INTRODUCTORY COURSE: The immune system of humans.
LESSONS 1-4: The cells of immune system – Types, functions, interaction, immunological tolerance.
LESSON 5: Αntibodies – Types, functions.
LESSON 6: The HLA system.
LESSON 7: Hypersensitivity tests.
LESSONS 8, 9: Dysfunction of the immune system – Autoimmune diseases, cancers.
LESSON 10: Immunology of transfusions.
LESSON 11: The immune system & HIV/AIDS.
LESSONS 12-14: Immunomodulation – interventions in molecular and cellular level, antibody therapy, artificial antigens (peptides), bone marrow and haematopoietic cells.

At the end of each session students receive bibliography. At the end of the course the students deliver a homework that focuses on a topic chosen from a specific list proposed by the instructor.