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Cardiology (Clinical Training)

Semester 11th & 12th ()

Hours Practical Training 25 hours per week (for 2 weeks)



The training in the Cardiology Department has as primary aim the teaching of basic knowledge and the application of therapeutics in direct collaboration with the medical staff, so that the students in relatively limited time to get basic experience in treating cardiac patient. In today's barrage of information, with the application of new diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, physicians of Cardiology are trying for the complete presentation of the wide range of heart diseases and conformation of opinion in accordance with the guidelines of international companies of Cardiology based on proven scientific basis. For the success of this effort theoretical training on the part of the learner is required but also their active participation in various activities of the clinic.

The clinical training program includes:

  1. Daily presence as early as 8.15 a.m. when report and discussion of the cases of the Cardiology Unit and Stroke Units are taking place.
  2.  Attendance at all programmed morning training courses.
  3.  Integration in the Clinic’s program, participation in the various routine obligations and in the daily visits under the supervision of the hospital curators.
  4. Electrocardiogram and arrhythmias lessons on Tuesday and Thursday and coronary disease lessons on Wednesday. These courses are available in the form of power point.
  5. Medical history taking and physical examination courses next to the patient to understand the symptoms and signs of the cardiovascular system.
  6. Theoretical and written tests every Friday.

Finally, the parallel visit of the trainee in the Haematodynamic and Echocardiography lab, in order to obtain more detailed information, is permitted.