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Undergraduate Courses

Rhinology (Clinical Training - Elective)

Semester 11th & 12th ()

Hours Practical Training 25 hours per week (for 2 weeks)



Sixth year students choose to attend the Rhinology Clinic for 2 weeks. It is the responsibility of the Teaching Staff of Rhinology Clinic to train the students and goal of the practical training is to allow students to become more experienced concerning both practical and theoretical issues regarding the specialty. Courses in Otorhinolaryngology emergencies, Head and Neck oncology and the diagnostic approach to patients are held. Students compulsorily attend the ward round performed by the doctors of the ENT Clinic on a daily basis and participate in the whole diagnostic and therapeutic procedure. Some hard-to-diagnose medical cases are chosen to be approached by students. Later these medical cases are discussed. Students attend the ambulatory, participate in operations, are trained at the Units and the Laboratories of the Clinic (Neuro-otology – Nystagmography, Audiometer – Tympanometer, Logotherapy, Endoscopic ENT).

During the clinical training students are allowed one absence maximum. Upon completion of the clinical training students are assessed by the instructors


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