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Semester 8th ()

Hours Teaching 0 hours, Laboratory 0 hours, Tutorial 0 hours , Clinical Training 25 hours (per week)



The student during these lessons should be able to:

  1. Recognize the clinical presentation of life-threatening orthopaedic injuries and apply first-aid measures for patient stabilization and transfer (pelvic fractures)
  2. Recognize and initially manage the urgent orthopaedic cases (open fractures, amputations, neurological disorders)
  3. Recognize the acute (not urgent) orthopaedic injuries which need to be referred in a specialist Orthopaedic Center (fractures, dislocations)
  4. Recognize and evaluate the patient with orthopaedic disorders, to perform the initial radiological and laboratory testing and to refer the patient to a specialist.
  5. Understand the potential complications in patients with orthopaedic problems and to know the way to treat them successfully.
  6. Write down an informative letter of referral and to be able to communicate with other colleagues.


  • Bone metabolism, micro-anatomy and physiology
  • Osteoporosis and bone metabolic disorders
  • Pelvic and acetabulum injuries 
  • Bone and Joint infections     
  • Disorders and injuries of the shoulder  
  • Disorders and injuries of the elbow
  • Disorders and injuries of wrist and hand  
  • Arthropathy (degenerative and inflammatory) 
  • Disorders and injuries of the hip    
  • Disorders and injuries of the knee
  • Disorders and injuries of the foot and ankle
  • Disorders and injuries of the spine 
  • Soft tissue tumors     
  • Bone tumors 
  • Pediatric orthopaedics (orthopaedic disorders and injuries in children)