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Clinical Training In Radiology

Semester 11th & 12th (elective)

Code MED_1174

Hours Seminar Lectures 2,5x2 Clinical Training 35x2



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Course Type
Skills Development
Prerequisite Courses
Teaching and Assessment Language
The Course is Offered to Erasmus Students
Yes (in greek)
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Course Content

Clinical Training in Radiology (elective) is part of the sixth year of undergraduate studies, in the 11th and 12th semesters and has a duration of 2 weeks.
Small groups of up to five students are rotated through all Radiology departments. Students follow the full program of the Laboratory. They familiarize with all diagnostic radiology procedures but also with the therapeutic procedures of interventional radiology – neuroradiology.
Additionally, in association with the academic staff of the Laboratory, students follow the procedure of medical reporting and learn to interpret the imaging study findings in the context of the clinical picture and medical history of the patient. Students also attend the educational activities of the department, which include morning lectures and meetings with physicians of various specialties. Students also attend a series of lectures on the basic principles of imaging modalities and also on radiation protection issues.
In order to familiarize with emergency cases, students must spend on-call time once in the Radiology department

Teaching and Learning Methods - Αssessment

Teaching Method

Seminars, Clinical Training - Job shadowing

Use of Information and Communication Technologies

Multimedia presentations in seminars
Support of the Learning process by means of the e-class electronic platform

Teaching Organization

Teaching Method Semester Workload
Seminars 5
Clinical Training 70


Student Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of the student participation in the procedures of the Clinical Radiology Laboratory


Learning Outcomes

The activities on this clinical training offer students the opportunity to develop their basic knowledge of modern diagnostic and therapeutic Radiology, but mainly to develop skills in making decisions about the choice of the appropriate imaging examination, according to the clinical scenario. This knowledge and skills are essential in all contemporary medical specialties, because all  physicians use diagnostic methods of radiology in the care of their patients

General Abilities

  • Searching, analysis and synthesis of facts and information, as well as using the necessary technologies 
  • Adaptation to new situations 
  • Decision making 
  • Autonomous (Independent) work 
  • Group work
  • Work in a interdisciplinary environment 
  • Promotion of free, creative and inductive thinking 

Reading Material

Book Title (greek): «Κλινική Μαγνητική Τομογραφία» 
ISBN:    9789606802508
Publisher:     Ιωάννης Κωνσταντάρας

Book Title (greek): «Συνοπτικό Εγχειρίδιο Ανατομικών Τομών Αξονικής και Μαγνητικής Τομογραφίας»
Author:     T.B.MOELLER – E.REIF
Greek Editor: Θ.Πέτσας
Year of publication: 2014