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Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Radiology

Semester 6th ()

Code MED_681

Hours Teaching 25 hours,1 week



The study material comprises:

  • Principles of physics in Radiology, production of medical image, -principles of operation of medical imaging modalities (X-ray tube- computed tomography-ultrasound-MRI),

  • Principles of radiobiology, with emphasis on the mechanisms of cell death, apoptosis and means of protection of the cell,

  • Application of special radiological techniques with emphasis in modern imaging modalities,

  • Radiologic anatomy of organs and systems (CNS-respiratory-gastrointestinal- urogenital- musculoskeletal-cardiovascular system and vessels)


Aim of this teaching course is to make students familiar with basic imaging studies, relevant to clinical praxis. Moreover students will understand the indications, diagnostic approach and pathologic entities that will be taught in the future semesters.

By the end of this introductory course on Radiology, the student must have knowledge and skills in order to be familiar with:

  • The basic principles of medical imaging

  • The main medical imaging modalities used in clinical practice

  • How to perform radiological examinations

  • The basic indications of radiological examinations

  • The basic radiological anatomy by system

  • The basic biological effects of medical imaging modalities

  • The dangers about unjustified exposure to radiological examinations

Reading Material


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BookTitle (greek): «Απεικονιστική Ανατομική»

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