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Surgery (Clinical Training II)

Semester 11th & 12th ()

Hours Teaching 0 hours, Laboratory 0 hours, Tutorial 0 hours , Clinical Training 35 hours (per week)



Basic principle in the education of the students of the 6th year during their clinical practice in surgery is the assignment of full clinical responsibility to students. They participate in all clinical and educational concentrations of the Clinic and are encouraged to express opinions and questions. Each student is responsible for two to three patients, and processes under supervision full preoperative and postoperative monitoring, while there is an effort for regular participation in surgery. In this way, together with the discussions of the cases that are taking place in the Department and in the Clinic, it is believed that the student during clinical training obtains a complete picture of the treatment of the most common surgical diseases.

The participation of the students in the Clinic call is considered mandatory. Specifically, 2 students of the 6th year are in the general call and 2of them in the internal call, according to the program drawn up at the beginning of the two months period. Mandatory is the eve of the students in the general call until 23.00 and until 21.00 in the internal call. During the call the training is related to the overall treatment of surgical emergency incident.

Two absences are allowed during the clinical practice. Beyond these the clinical training is repeated.

At the end of the clinical training the students of the 6th year are assessed by their instructors.

Mandatory is the presence of students in advanced courses of the clinic that are taking place once a month, in the auditorium of the Hospital.

  • 08.00- 08.30  Blood sampling
  • 08.30- 09.00  Patients examination, preparation for visit
  • 08.00-14.00  Surgery  (except from Wednesday)
  • 09.00-10.30  Νursing visit
  • 10.30- 11.30  Department backlog processing
  • 11.30- 12. 30  Patient hospitalization, medical history taking
  • 12.30- 13.00  Brake
  • 13.00- 14.00  5th year lessons
    Surgery cases preparation for the following day
  • 17.30- 19.30  Αfternoon educational visit (doctors on call) 
     Discussion for the complications of the week (Wednesday)