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Semester 8th ()

Hours Teaching 0 hours, Laboratory 0 hours, Tutorial 0 hours , Clinical Training 25 hours (per week)



The specialty of Urology is a fast evolving surgical one with sub-specialties that complete, but also broaden, its main trunk. Significant developments during the past few years include changes in the management of urological cancer, both by minimally invasive procedures and pharmaceutical interventions complementing established methods of surgical treatment, and in fields such as the treatment of lower urinary tract dysfunction, the diagnosis and treatment of male sexual dysfunction and infertility and techniques of endoscopic, percutaneous and laparoscopic surgery of the urinary tract.
The aim of Urology is to establish the background of basic urologic knowledge that is indispensible for every medical practitioner regardless of their specialty, but also to stimulate scientific interest in developing subspecialties. These are achieved trough class teaching using up-to-date presentations and involvement of students in every-day clinical practice during rotation in the various units of Urology department.
Teaching of urology is organized in 6 major axis: 1) anatomy and physiology of the genitourinary system and pathophysiology of relevant symptoms, 2) oncology of the genitourinary system, 3) urinary tract infections 4) dysfunction of the lower urinary tract (benign prostatic hyperplasia/ bladder outlet obstruction, overactive bladder, incontinence), 5) male sexual dysfunction and infertility and 6) Stone disease of the urinary tract.