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Semester 8th ()

Hours Teaching 0 hours, Laboratory 25 hours, Tutorial 0 hours , Clinical Training 0 hours (per week)



The aim of this training module is the knowledge of basic principles and the understanding of the applications of radiology in the diagnostic and therapeutic management of patients both in the hospital, and within the primary care.

The teaching modules include:
• Principles of Nuclear and Radiation Physics.
• Operation of radiographers.
• Principles of radiology with emphasis on the mechanisms of cell death, apoptosis and on the ways to protect the cell.

  • Principles of radiation protection in radiology and radiotherapy – current legislation.
  • Organs and systems Radioanatomy.
  • Hierarchy of imaging examinations per organ and system.
  • Teaching of pathological findings in radiological examinations system: Chest – Digestive system – Cardiovascular – Skeleton and soft tissue – Urinary – Reproductive system.
  • Differential diagnosis of major diseases.
  • Understanding of the relationship between history, physical examination findings and radiological examinations.
  • Frequent malignant disease radiotherapy. Side effects.

Upon completion of the section of Radiology, the student should have acquired knowledge and skills that will ensure fluency in the following:

  • How to perform radiographic examinations.
  • Prioritizing radiological examinations per organ and disease.
  • Τhe main pathological findings for each disease.
  • Τhe dangers of reckless referral for radiological examinations.
  • The indications, the way to perform and side effects of radiotherapy.