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Personel - PASMATZI EF.



Sector: Division of Internal Medicine ΙΙ

Clinic/Laboratory: Department of Dermatology

Knowledge Subject:

Research Area: Lectin biology, Systemic immunomodulation by TLRs agonists,Viscoelastic parameters of human hair, HPV in the pathogenesis of cutaneous neoplasms

Department of Dermatology School of Medicine University of Patras P.O. Box 1413 26504 Rio-Patras Greece 4th Level, Section C

2610.994670 2610.993951

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Summary of Curriculum Vitae

Graduated from the School of  Medicine, University of  Patras (1991). Training as Resident at the Department of  Dermatology,  Universities of  Göttingen, Germany and Patras, Greece (1994-1998). Doctoral Thesis (1998) at the School of Medicine, University of Patras. Academic appointments (2001-2012): Lecturer (2001); Assist. Professor (2006); Assoc. Professor (2012) at the Department of  Dermatology, School of  Medicine, University of Patras.


Undergraduate Courses

Selected Publications

  1. Tsambaos D., Monastirli A., Kapranos N., Georgiou S., Pasmatzi E., Stratigos A., Koutselini H., Berger H. (1995) : Detection of human papillomavirus DNA in nongenital seborrheic keratoses. Arch. Dermatol. Res. 287 : 612-615. 
  2. Tsambaos D., Pasmatzi E., Monastirli A., Georgiou S., Kapranos N., Zografakis Ch., Berger H. (1995) : Lektin-Bindungsmuster in epidermalen Tumoren. Z. Hautkr. 70 : 626-633. 
  3. Tsambaos D., Pasmatzi E., Manolopoulos L., Kapranos N., Goumas P., Adamopoulos G. (1998): Lectin histochemistry of laryngeal squamous carcinomas. Οtolaryngol. Head and Neck Surg. 118 : 886-891.
  4. Georgiou S., Monastirli A., Pasmatzi E., Tsambaos D. (1998) : Cutaneous   sarcoidosis : Complete remission after oral isotretinoin therapy. Acta Derm. Venereol. 78 : 457-459 
  5. Georgiou S., Monastirli A., Pasmatzi E., Gartaganis S., Goerz G., Tsambaos D. (1998) : Efficacy and safety of systemic recombinant interferon-alpha in Behcet's disease. J. Intern. Med. 243 : 367-372. 
  6. Monastirli A., Georgiou S., Bolsen K., Pasmatzi E., Papapanagiotou A., Goerz G., Kalofoutis A., Merk H.F., Tsambaos D. (1999) : Treatment of porphyria cutanea tarda with oral thalidomide. Skin Pharmacol. & Appl. Skin. Physiol. 12 : 305-311. 
  7. Monastirli A., Pasmatzi E., Georgiou S., Kapranos N., Frangia K.. Braun H., Ioannovich J., Varakis J., Tsambaos D. (2000) : Lectin-binding pattern of primary malignant melanomas and melanocytic nevi. J. Cutan. Pathol. 27 : 103-107. 
  8. Μοnastirli A., Georgiou S., Pasmatzi E., Sakkis Th., Badavanis G., Drainas D., Sagriotis A., Tsambaos D. (2002) : Calcipotriol plus short contact dithranol : a novel topical combination therapy for chronic plaque psoriasis. Skin Pharmacol. & Appl. Skin Physiol. 15 : 246-251. 
  9. Pasmatzi E., Monastirli A., Matsouka P., Tsambaos D. (2003) : Disseminated erythematous and pityriasiform plaques caused by Imatinib Mesylate. Acta Derm. Venereol. 83 (5) : 391-393. 
  10. Tsambaos D., Chroni E., Manolis A., Monastirli A., Pasmatzi E., Sakkis Th., Davlouros P., Goumenos D., Katrivanou A., Georgiou S. (2004) : Enzyme replacement therapy in severe Fabry disease with renal failure : a one-year follow-up. Acta Derm.Venereol. 84 (5) : 389-392. 
  11. Pasmatzi E., Badavanis G., Monastirli A., Georgiou S., Sagriotis A., Sakkis Th., Mantagos S., Varakis J., Stamatiou G., Tsambaos D. (2005) : Qualitative and quantitative alterations of cell surface carbohydrate residues during epidermal morphogenesis. Anatomy & Embryology 209 (3) : 207-215. 
  12. Georgiou S., Pasmatzi E., Monastirli A., Sakkis Th., Alachioti S., Tsambaos D. (2005) : Age-related alterations in the carbohydrate residue composition of cell surface in the unexposed normal human epidermis. Gerontology 51(3) : 155-160. 
  13. Monastirli A., Vourekas A., Badavanis G., Pasmatzi E., Sagriotis A., Drainas D., Pavlidou D., Georgiou S., Sakkis Th., Mantagos S., Kourounis G., Varakis J., Stamatiou G., Tsambaos D. (2005) : Hsp27 expression coincides with epidermal stratification during human epidermal morphogenesis. Acta Derm. Venereol. 85(5) : 389-393. 
  14. Pasmatzi E., Badavanis G., Monastirli A., Tsambaos D. (2007) : Reduced expression of the antiapoptotic proteins of Bcl-2 gene family in the lesional epidermis of patients with Darier’s disease. J. Cutan. Pathol. 34 : 234-238. 
  15. Pasmatzi E., Chaidaroglou A., Sakkis Th., Monastirli A., Georgiou S., Sagriotis A., Badavanis G., Vryzaki E., Matsouka P., Degiannis D., Tsambaos D. (2009) : Topical application of imiquimod induces alterations in immunophenotype in peripheral blood lymphocytes in healthy individuals. Acta Derm. Venereol. 89(2) : 134-139.

PhD Theses Advisor

  1. G. Tachias : Hsp27 in normal and pathological skin (In Process).