Interdepartmental Postgraduate Course in Medical Physics

Departments involved : Department of Physics and School of Medicine of University of Patras
Contact - Information :
Vanessa Korbaki, Secreteriat of School of Medicine, tel. 2610-969106 fax: 2610-996103, e-mail: 

Object and Objectives

The postgraduate program in Medical Physics (MP) was initiated in 1988 and has been the first program in Greece officially offering a Master's degree (1993).

It has recently been revised with respect to both its curriculum structure and to its operational aspects, towards the following two goals:

  • to meet international Medical Physics studies accreditation specifications
  • to cover the emerging occupational challenges for Medical Physicists working in Hospital Information Systems environments

For this purpose two directions have been implemented in the Program. The first is dealing mainly with the traditional Medical Physics matters of the study of the interaction of ionizing radiation with the human body, while the other is concerned with aspects of (tele-)processing and analysis of biomedical signals and images.

The Course leads to the following degrees:

  • Master’s of Science (MSc)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The course is organized into 3 academic terms:

FIRST TERM: Physics in Medicine and Biology, Basic Medical Sciences Ι (Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology), Basic Medical Sciences ΙΙ (Physiology, Pathophysiology), Biomedical Electronics and Biomedical Signal Processing, Research Methodology, Biostatistics

SECOND TERM: Radiation - matter interaction and Dosimetry, Radiobiology and Radiation Protection, Physics of Nuclear Medicine &  Internal Dosimetry, Physics of Diagnostic Radiology & Ultrasonography, Methods and techniques of Medical Image Processing & Analysis, Physics of Radiation Therapy Ι, Medical Image Analysis & Pattern Recognition, Lasers and applications in Medicine

THIRD TERM: Biosignal analysis, Physics of Radiation Therapy ΙΙ, Magnetic Resonance Imaging & Spectroscopy, Advanced topics in Physics of Diagnostic Radiology, Medical image transfer and Teleprocessing, Medical Databases & data mining
Lessons of Term 1 and Term 2 are compulsory and correspond to 47 credits. Lessons of Term 3 are optional. Postgraduate students are expected to collect at least 55 credits from the entire course of lessons. The Master's thesis (compulsory) corresponds to further 45 credits. A minimum total of 100 credits is required for graduation.

Candidate students

Accepted for registration at MP are selected graduates from Departments of Physics, Medicine,  Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Informatics and related Departments of Greek Universities and Technical Institutions or Departments of congener non-Greek Institutions, according to Greek legislation for recognition of studies.

Duration of Studies in MP

Studies towards MSc in MP are set to have a minimum duration of 4 academic semesters and a maximum of 6 semesters. Studies towards PhD are set to have a minimum duration of 6 and a maximum of 10 semesters (from beginning of studies).

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